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Rotterdam Toothache

Common causes of toothaches in Rotterdam

Rotterdam toothache

Rotterdam toothache

For prompt and expert treatment of a Rotterdam toothache, look to us here at Pine Ridge Dental. We address all of the common causes of them, working hard to relieve the pain you’re experiencing, and to repair the tooth safely and effectively.

A cavity is the result of tooth decay, and is probably the most common cause of all when it comes to a Rotterdam toothache. In most cases, the pain is manageable, though you should still get timely care. A toothache is typically a sign that the nerve of the tooth is exposed. This puts you at risk for complications, which can result in an infection, root canal, or even the loss of the tooth. An existing filling that falls out is similar in terms of both the treatment and the risks of not having it dealt with. Your tooth might also have become chipped or cracked, which also is a typical reason for a Rotterdam toothache. Here, our dentist will need to take impressions so that a crown can be fashioned to place over the damaged tooth and preserve it. In order to immediately take care of your pain, and keep the tooth from further harm, a temporary crown will be fitted in the meantime. The biggest concern of all is that you will need root canal due to bacteria getting inside the vulnerable tooth. If this occurs, you need not be worried. Today’s root canal is virtually free of pain and nothing to fear. The infected tissue is removed, the canals are cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed. To restore the size and function of the tooth, a crown will be made. A temporary one is fitted between visits for those root canals that take more than one session to complete.

Take action right away for a Rotterdam toothache. Even a mild one needs to be evaluated and taken care of before it leads to something worse. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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